In my artistic practice I explore different forms of art. I explore techniques available to each medium, the expressive properties of the form, and seeking for the ways of combination.

In Painting I largely experiment in Abstract styles. The expressivity of form, lines and brushstrokes, as well as the spectrum of bright and over-saturated colours is characteristic of most of my works. Recently, I am also moving towards Surrealist techniques, the exploration of the unusual objects and their relationship to the real world.

I work with Photography and Film embracing abstract visual imagery in all forms. In my photographs, the large-scale city landscapes as well as object-based photographs, I try to find those qualities that are not visible from the first sight. This where comes the experimentation with composition and angles, finding unusual shapes and light combinations.

I am fascinated with the digital technologies and start implementing digital technology in my creative practice. One of the most recent of my projects is the multiple-screen video installation based on the short film completed in 2016, which extrapolates multiple perspectives of the film into a literal multiple forms of visual display.


cropped-img_3336.jpg                          Dark Mediterranean Bench


peach-yogurt-poster                         img_6751