Visionary Forms: Final

Visionary Forms

Visionary Forms is the multiple-screen video installation. Each of the screens features different versions of the story – a possibility of development of the story that has the same beginning.

The project is the exploration of the forms of narrative structure in multiple simultaneous video displays. The emergence of the narrative paths is triggered by interdependency between the screens based on the spatial and temporal and narrative links.

It is also a conceptual film in a series of abstract intercommunicating video sequences. The interconnection between the sequences is referential and the viewer navigates the subject matter by following the narration on multiple screens.

The film’s subject matter is absurdist: the character caught up in the flows of consequences appears in some sort of limbo, an endless circularity, living through one day on and on. The repeated screenings of the video installation ingrain the narrative circularity on several levels: basic unit (the limits of which are defined by the time of singular playback on one screen); secondary unit (the interrelationship between the screenings on several monitors within one playback), and the third level – the cinematic experience over the repeated sequences in time.

The installation features the application of different type of technology of display. The choice of the old TV screens was to achieve the aesthetic grainy quality of the image while the technological set-up required adaptation of digital material to a specific technology of display.

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The Film Develops into a Video Installation

Visionary Forms. Multiple Screen Video Installation (Sketch)


The installation will include video screening from several monitors; the alternative versions of the same story streamed simultaneously alongside each other.

This installation is the development of the short film Peach Yogurt. The film is an abstract experimental film, which story is about a girl that travels across the city in search of a promised place that seems to avoid her. Traveling through the city she seems to step on the dangerous route of traveling within the dimensions of her perception.

In the installation the disparate narrative lines of the film are being expanded into an autonomous versions of the story, however, following the deviations and counterpoints between separate lines it is possible to find the sole conclusion, in a manner of puzzle.

The most challenging to me in this project will be editing process of the visual content for the several stories and also securing the simultaneous projections, particularly having them screened from old TV monitors. Among the possibilities I consider using the digital modulator Raspberry Pi that would also allow to set the screening on the constant play back.

Peach Yogurt (2016)

More information about the film and the credits can be on the page

The updates on the project will follow

Light Shower: Final

The Light Shower is an interactive installation that allows the viewer to produce and manipulate the light. The appearance of light and the change of colour is reinforced by the movement while the intensity of it varies depending on the distance of the viewer’s hands. The interactive aspect of the installation highlights the subjective nature of the interaction with the phenomena pointing to an alignment between nature and technology.

The projector becomes a sensitive membrane through the use of the HC – SR04 Ultrasonic sensor. The lights are produced by multi-coloured LEDs that respond to the movement through Arduino that is connected to the electronic set-up and incorporated into the projector.

The installation invites intuitive interaction as the natural ‘noise’ on the way of the signal interferes with the flawless correspondence between the movement and light change. Thus the control of the light encounters the invisible barriers and posits the limits to the viewer’s manipulation. In this way, the use of the sensory technology not only enables the process within the installation but incorporates and reintroduces the concept of the piece offering further unpredictability of response.


Abstract Art Exhibition

My abstract paintings are exhibited as a part of Abstract Art Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in London from the 26th of January to the 6th of February. This can be chance to see some of my works live.


img_6758-1   img_6757


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Digital (Interactive Light Installation)

Construction stage of the Light Shower project. Making the interactivity possible through electronics and code that will be incorporated into the installation object.

img_6727    img_6726


The idea behind the light shower project is that the shower that produces light instead of water as a result of interaction of the viewer.  Depending on the distance of the viewer’s hands, the colour of light would change.

The projector will be made receptive through the Ultrasonic sensor  and responsive to the movement with the use of Arduino board.

Visit the Digital (MADMA) page if  you would like to know more about the Light Shower Project

City (Brighton, 2017)

Currently working on a new film project, in which the city once again features as one of the main themes.

The setting functions as the architectural space of the film and, as it has been discovered my many filmmakers previously, appears to be a metaphysical space that governing the characters and the plot and the story that unfolds within.

In this project the city becomes a reflection of the psychological state of the characters. For the start I am filling the gaps with the narrative gaps with the flickering images of the city. Doing a course in Digital Media I become familiar with the immense quantity of effects possible in post-production. Being at a stage of experimentation in this project I am employing the tools of such editing programmes as Photoshop and After Effects.

screenshot-2016-12-26-20-13-08 street-2

City (London, 2016)


The city as the contemporary space of living and city life is fascinating to me and is the subject of lots of my photographic work.

I have developed a series of paintings, in which I focused on the most basic shapes characteristic of almost every metropolitan landscape. The intentional primitivity of those shapes reduced to the simplest contours and squares reflects the routine and isolation of life that inhabits anthill-like living space.

However, this vision of a landscape is also imbued with a sense of nostalgia towards my native city. Living in London I found myself within a very similar kind of landscape miles away from my home town, which drawn my attention further towards essential architectural structure that grounded their similarity.

On the basis of this I have developed three other paintings, in which the sameness of the basic structure highlights intricate differences, such as for example, the use of colour.