Light Shower: Final

The Light Shower is an interactive installation that allows the viewer to produce and manipulate the light. The appearance of light and the change of colour is reinforced by the movement while the intensity of it varies depending on the distance of the viewer’s hands. The interactive aspect of the installation highlights the subjective nature of the interaction with the phenomena pointing to an alignment between nature and technology.

The projector becomes a sensitive membrane through the use of the HC – SR04 Ultrasonic sensor. The lights are produced by multi-coloured LEDs that respond to the movement through Arduino that is connected to the electronic set-up and incorporated into the projector.

The installation invites intuitive interaction as the natural ‘noise’ on the way of the signal interferes with the flawless correspondence between the movement and light change. Thus the control of the light encounters the invisible barriers and posits the limits to the viewer’s manipulation. In this way, the use of the sensory technology not only enables the process within the installation but incorporates and reintroduces the concept of the piece offering further unpredictability of response.


Light Shower Project: Construction

Construction stage of the Light Shower project. Making the interactivity possible through electronics and code that will be incorporated into the installation object.

img_6727    img_6726

The idea behind the light shower project is that the shower that produces light instead of water as a result of interaction of the viewer.  Depending on the distance of the viewer’s hands, the colour of light would change.

The projector will be made receptive through the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor and responsive to the movement with the use of Arduino Duemilanove.

Light Shower Project

Interactive Installation

Light Shower


The shower of light. The projector would produce light as a result of the interaction of the viewer. The colour of light would change depending on the distance of the viewer’s hands from the projector.

As the viewer would literally produce the light from his hand and physically reinforce the change in colour, the project would incorporate interactive element as the possibility to interact with the phenomena and the limits that it presupposes.