Title: Peach Yogurt: A Case of The Yellow Folder Year: 2016 Written and Directed by Olga Bolkisieva Camera: Miguel Rodriguez Sound Design: Ben Turnbull Cast: Manuela Lazic, Anton G.


screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-20-50-50       screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-20-51-15


The girl is carrying the Yellow folder. She needs to deliver the folder to a place. We never learn which, but we know she has to do it urgently.
On the bus she meets a guy who tells her that she is going the wrong direction but she is certain that the direction she is going is right. Leaving the bus she starts walking the streets and whenever she stops the folder magically disappears in order for her to find it again and keep remembering about the task she has to complete. However, as much as she continues walking, she does not seem to be getting there. Now and then she notices the guy from the bus and it seems like he is following her. She feels threatened and this interferes with her brining the folder to the place. She loses the folder and then finds it, a folder, and this one does not look like the one that she had before. She seems not to notice this and continues the task. But the threat follows her as if an invisible shadow mirroring her in a deformed light. At some point she gives up the task. She starts running away from something that she can’t see and ends up caught in the swirl of chaos, in which nothing is differentiated.